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Quality certificate

In recent years, along with changes in the economy of the country but with the collective capacity of leaders and staff members MECO JSC has brought confidence to business partners domestic and foreign partners. We believe that will give customers peace of mind, the growing cooperation based on existing good foundation and with the help of you.

To maintain and improve quality systems and meet customer requirements for quality, the company has developed & apply quality management system ISO 9001:2000 since October 2006 . MECO JSC with the motto "EFFICIENCY - QUALITY - SUSTAINABLE" is always the first choice for all their business activities. Fact reflected in the success of the projects and deals in the business since the formation and development of strong to date.

We are committed to serve in accordance with the norms commitment to partners and customers at home and abroad. Collective staff member Corporation Engineering and Construction of Vietnam is committed to: Constantly invest and build infrastructure, technology, equipment manufacturing construction, additional human resource capacity, improving management methods to improve quality, production schedule, construction meet maximum customer satisfaction. Continuous maintenance, application, operation and continual improvement effective quality management system ISO 9001:2000.

In late 2006, six months of 2007

Collective staff strive to:

1. 100% of construction and installation schedule, quality of construction and installation to meet the requirements of the investors meet three criteria are not achieved:
Do not have any feedback or complaints in writing concerning the quality, progress
There are no categories, construction and installation works arising products even the smallest defects.
There are no labor accidents occurred during construction and installation. 100% quality standard technique, fine art works as designed.

2. Production, manufacturing:
Research and offer one to two new products for the manufacturing sector of construction materials.
Research, manufacture and market supply all kinds of mechanical equipment hydraulic turnover 30 billion.
Investment in equipment, personnel training lab setup for production and construction.

3. Import and export trade:
Operating profit increased trade to strive for more than 20% compared with the target set out the company.